Touch Your Loved Ones By Sending Greeting Cards Online

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Touch Your Loved Ones By Sending Greeting Cards Online

Are you planning to surprise your loved in a new way this time? Is he/she staying very far away and you do not have access to visit your loved one on their special day? You can still share the same feeling with them even when you are miles away. That is the magic of sending greeting cards online. You can plan the perfect surprise this time around with these greeting cards. Traditional greeting cards are okay but when you are away and not able to send a paper card, online versions can be the best alternative.

The current generation that has access to so many communication applications has moved on from traditional greeting cards to the online ones. Be it for birthdays or anniversaries or some other occasion, you can quickly send greeting cards online. It is quick, it is cost effective and it saves paper. There are many more reasons why online versions have become so popular in the recent past. Here are some of those reasons given below:

Friendly to the environment 

It is always nice to have a greetings card in your hand; you can see it, feel it, turn it over and see it again; it has that personal touch to it. But, do you realize that you are actually making use of paper unnecessarily when there is a better alternative in hand? When you send greeting cards online, you are doing a lot of good to the environment.


Online greeting cards are way cheaper than paper cards. You cannot even begin to compare how cheap they are and it is a very effective way of saving money. Moreover, when you have the same kind of photos and quotes on the e-card, why do you need to send a paper card anyway? You have to pay for the card, and also for the delivery charge. That makes the whole thing so expensive. It is possible to send a gift and card with that money if you decide to send an online greetings card.

Choose from a wide variety 

One of the main reasons why online greeting cards are so much on demand is because of their variety. You get hundreds of different options just for one single event. It can be a birthday or animated postcard or Father’s Day or anything, you can choose from a huge number of cards. The best part is, there are realistic video cards, flash cards and animated cards that make them more attractive.

Unlike the traditional cards that only had one picture and a small quote inside, the online versions are totally different. You can always choose from the traditional-looking cards but when you see the animated or the flashcards, you won’t be able to resist them for long.

Customized cards 

Another reason that has made online greeting cards so well-known is the option to customize them before sending. You get a plethora of options for customizing the card. From embedding a picture to writing a personalized message to send a video clip, not to mention the various fonts and colours that you can use to customize the card. All these things are possible when you send greeting cards online. You can also add background music to the card so that when the receiver opens the card, it shows the images and the music runs on the background.

Fast and reliable 

Online cards can be sent within minutes. If you have remembered your special one’s birthday at the last moment, you can make up for it by sending an online greetings card. You will not have to depend on the postal service anymore. There were so many risks of sending a card via postal service. You had to wait for a response to know that the card was delivered.

E-cards are convenient to send and easy to create. You visit the website that allows you to send online greeting cards; you select the card you want to send; you customize the card accordingly; you enter the email address of the person you want to send the card and hit send. That’s all you have to do. The payment will be done during these steps. Once the receiver gets the card and opens it, you will automatically get a notification. This avoids the risk of delivery failure. There are numerous websites that offer this service. You can choose from the variety of cards from these websites before sending it.

Another reason why it is so convenient to send them is that you can send multiple cards to different receivers at the same time. If you planning to send New Year cards or Thanksgiving cards to a lot of people at the same time, you can make use of these online cards and send them immediately.

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Easily accessible  

They generally are easily accessible and can be viewed on a variety of devices. Be it a mobile phone or a desktop or a laptop or even a tablet, these cards are designed in such a way so that they are compatible with almost every viewing device. You need not worry if the receiver is not home. They can still get the card if they have an internet connection on their mobile phone.

The fact that online cards have a global audience has made the websites more responsible to come up with newer designs and better features with a variety of customizable options. There is an entire section of artists who have got a huge amount of work to design these cards. You will be surprised to see the huge rush during the peak seasons like Christmas or New Year’s or any other festival.

Online greeting cards have got a big fan following in recent years. The wide range of customizable options is one of the reasons why more and more people are shifting to these cards instead of sending the traditional cards. Most importantly, you get to do so much with the card than the traditional ones that they would automatically attract your attention.